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The Purpose:

The purpose of the Original Dulcimer Players Club is to promote and preserve the art of playing the Hammered Dulcimer. To provide an organization where dulcimer players can exchange information and knowledge regarding the instrument with each other. To provide for workshops, seminars, and concerts. To make this instrument better known to the public. To perpetuate the art of construction and playing this instrument so that the knowledge can be of benefit to future generations.

Excerpt from Bylaws of
Original Dulcimer Players Club, Inc.
A Michigan Nonprofit Corporation

2015 Festival Dates:

Mark Your Calendar


Admission to the festival (for all 3 1/2 days) is only $5. For your $5, you can attend any stage shows, workshops, or anything else on the grounds.

Brief Statement of Festival Rules:
Pets restricted to campsite. No bikes; no alcohol. Sales only by vendors except in the ODPC designated area. (Performers or workshop leaders may sell immediately after classes or performances.) No electrified instruments nor amplifiers in the campground; no band wind instruments; no woodwind instruments; no drums (except bodhrán.)

Answers to all the questions you might have are available in the "Frequently asked Question" area.

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The most recent of the ODPC newsletter can be found by clicking on the Newsletter link at the top

You will need the password which have been emailed to all members. If you do not have a current membership, you will need to renew or join (see Join link). If you have paid your dues but didn't get your password, contact the Secretary, Sue Crandle.


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O.D.P.C. April Jams

The jams are scheduled nearly every month. Click here for the locations.

ODPC April Jams
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Mentoring Program

This program is open to anyone. However, the Board and the committee wish to place an emphasis on encouraging young people to apply. They are looking to create a new generation of hammered dulcimer players.

Each student accepted into the program will be provided a dulcimer to use for a year if an instrument is needed. Each will also be assigned to a mentor who will either provide instruction or will help the student to find a suitable teacher. The mentor will track the progress of the student and will report to the Education Committee Chairman on a regular basis. The mentor will get to know the student during Funfest and will then encourage and support the student throughout the next year.

The number of students to be served will depend on the availability of dulcimers, as well as the number of adults who are willing to serve as mentors.

Applications for both students and mentors are available here:

Click here for Mentor Forms

Students should contact Jeff Allen to get on the list. Factors that will impact the decision include the following: A student must demonstrate the desire to learn to play the instrument.

A student must have family support, either a parent or other relative. Those who have a family membership in the ODPC will be given preference for participation.

The student and parent will need to sign a contract assuring proper care of the instrument. A $50 deposit is required that will be refunded at the end of the contract year, as long as the instrument is returned in good condition.

Prospective mentors and teachers will be needed from various geographical areas. Mentors are needed who have demonstrated effective teaching skills and experience with the instrument.

Instruments, students, teachers and mentors are being solicited.

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